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Not every customer that comes to Forino for help with a new home is interested in the selection of floorplans we have or the locations that we offer. Maybe you inherited land, or you have an architect in the family that's designed your home. We are happy to work with you for your unique home build.


Scattered Site Home Building With Forino

The Forino Scattered Site Program is designed to provide prospective homebuyers the opportunity to have a Forino home at a location other than our existing communities. The Forino Scattered Site Program has simplified the complexities of off-site building. Our team of professionals provides superior customer service and transparency throughout the various stages of the construction of your dream home.

Our program requires a Forino Representative to travel to your lot to assess additional site costs, location adjustments, soil conditions, building elevation, water and electric services, and well and septic systems. This allows us to estimate a timeline and total cost for your home construction before the building process begins.

What is most critical in understanding, BEFORE you make any monetary commitments to land for building a home, is that building a home on raw, undeveloped ground is not that different than building a new home community with a hundred homes in it. You will need to go through many of the same steps for surveying and engineering, stormwater management design, designing a grading or E&S plan to be recorded with the local government officials, and possibly spending time and money at township review meetings to get approval for the design and plans for your project depending upon the amount of site disturbance and infrastructure that will be needed to build your home. Unfortunately, this process will require immense time, patience, and some financial investment upfront to get engineering work done and permitting in motion. 

Needless to say, offsite building may be financially limiting in many cases, and that's okay. That's why we build homes in communities, to help lessen the burden of expense for those looking to build their dream home. Forino is able to spread the large costs and resources needed to develop land across dozens and dozens of home builds versus going through all of that work for a single site. 

In some instances, a lot may already have been surveyed and the owner has a stormwater design and grading plan that is current to township ordinances and codes that will expedite the process and require less out of pocket up front. Continue reading more about the process below. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The Forino Company has a listing of various models that are available to be selected with a standard or fixed price based upon the location or county your lot is located within. However, there are various variable costs or allowances that are related to the site construction of your specific and unique home as well. The costs for these items are not included in the base price and will need to be calculated on a case-by-case basis to help you formulate an accurate home building budget for your lending needs. All of these costs are outlined by a Forino Representative prior to signing an agreement. For more specific details, check out the FAQ area below to learn more. 

Request Current Base Pricing

What's Included?

The standard price is update often in order to provide all potential homeowners the most competitive price in the market. This price represents vertical construction costs with the standard Forino specifications including: Foundation, Framing, Roofing, Exterior, Doors, Windows, Heating, Electric, Plumbing, Insulation, Interior walls, Interior Trim and Doors, Floor Coverings, and Kitchen and Vanity. Your home’s utility connections are included up to five (5) feet from the homes location however there is a fifty (50) foot allowance for electrical utilities.

Forino Scattered Site Specifications

Allowances & Variables

While the standard price is a controllable factor in the overall cost of your home there are various costs that need to be accounted for on an individual basis. The Forino Scattered Site Program requires a Forino Representative to travel to your site to access the site in order to assure the accuracy of the estimations and make necessary modifications based upon the conditions. Forino provides allowances in addition to the standard price for E&S Controls, Septic, Well, Lot Seeding, and Rough Grading for the Driveway and Lot. These allowances are measured by costs or physical measurements. If you did not use your entire allowance or if your home did not require as much of the predetermined allowances as noted you will be issued credits on your final home price. Other costs that are determined on an individual basis and are the responsibilities of the homeowner include but are not limited to: Lot Preparation, Permits, Assistance in Obtaining Permits, Utilities, Rock Excavation, Unsuitable Footings, Alternative Fuels and Township Specifications in Addition to Forino Specifications. All of the previously noted costs vary from township to township and in order to make the Forino experience one that is competitive in all markets these variable costs need to be passed onto the prospective home buyer.

Options & Upgrades

Absolutely! The standard price is set up to provide you a quality home at an affordable price that is move-in ready. Upon the completion of the Cost Analysis of your prospective home, a Forino Design Consultant will walk you through the color selection process where upgrades and changes can be made to make your dream home a reality.

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