The Top 5 Upgrades to Consider When Building a New Home

May 11, 2021

Building a new home can be a very exciting time! However, it is also a time when a lot of decisions need to be made to get to move-in day! Many times, customers find themselves stuck trying to decide between what is best to upgrade in their home now versus later after they have moved in. Do not worry! We are here to help you navigate the top five upgrades to think about before sealing the deal on your future forever home!

1) Structural 

Have you ever heard the saying in real estate, “It has good bones!”? That means the home was designed intelligently or built well from a structural perspective. Any budget-conscious new home customer should be thinking about flow and layout right from the beginning. Nothing is harder (or impossible) than moving a wall to open the living space or make a room bigger. Customers occasionally tell us they wish they went bigger on the garage, or that the deck/patio had a roof over the top of it. Really take the time to consider fitting in layout adjustments or customization of the space within the home and garage over doing cosmetic upgrades as you trim down your wish list. 

2) Electrical Items

When it comes to electric and lighting, think “future-proofing”. What we mean by future-proofing, is making sure you have all the electrical rough-in work or hookups available that you will want after you are moved in. Things like recessed lighting with dimmers is a messy, and unpleasant project once you are living in your home. Ceiling fan/light pre-wires can be a nightmare to put in your 2-story great room or vaulted ceiling Master Bedroom later, so allocate budget to those items during building. Changing fixtures or choosing a fixture is easy to do and have installed later, but the wiring behind the walls is not. 

3) Kitchen Design

The kitchen can be one of your most costly upgrades, but it is so worth it in the end! Put some time into thinking about the cabinets that would most benefit you in the long run. Do you need a lazy Susan, a wine rack, a cooking sheet cabinet? Will you want to have glass doors, full overlay doors, or partial overlay doors? Do you want to have staggered cabinets or symmetrical cabinets? Do you want to have crown molding? Lastly, do you want to have a backsplash between your wall and base cabinets? All of these are upgrades to include in your budget if you are looking for a particular style kitchen and can pay off in the long run if you ever sell your home.

4) Plumbing Upgrades 

If you are thinking about having a finished basement in the future, be sure to ask about including a rough-in for a future bathroom or wet bar. Installing a rough-in at the time of construction will save you thousands of dollars when it comes time for finishing your basement. Looking to add some luxury and a huge added value item for future resale value; a tile shower can be the perfect feature in your new home. Tile showers have a variety of ways they can be built. We can offer economical designs and styles to keep the cost down or go with the most elaborate and oversized shower you have always dreamed of having. Either way, it will be easiest and most cost-effective to build it right from day one and you will have something people are excited about when it comes time to sell your home.

5) Deck or Patio

Decks and patios are often an option to the base price of the home. Depending on the size and style you wish to have, there are limitless possibilities for stair configuration, railing styles, roof covering, footers, and so on. Our staff is trained to help you pinpoint your primary goals for the outdoor entertaining spaces of your home to find the smartest way to set up your deck or patio for future fun! We will educate you on the way stairs impact deck pricing or footers add future value but have more of an upfront cost. We can also come up with electrical rough-ins for lighting accents on your deck for down the road. Our showroom also offers you the opportunity to see and feel what maintenance-free decking material is like to learn more about that versus traditional pressure-treated lumber decking. 

Thinking about an upgrade that is not included on this top 5 list? Ask your color selection coordinator about it! When it comes to adding options to your new home, it is all about what is important to you! Before your color selection, be sure to jot down ideas, ask for an options list, and review the standard new home specifications for your community, so you can add what you need to make your dream home everything you want it to be! 


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