How to Decide on the Perfect Kitchen

May 26, 2021

The kitchen is “the heart of the home.” We have all heard that saying, and statistically, the kitchen is one of the top rooms where we spend all our time. Therefore, it is important to make the kitchen everything that you want it to be when building or remodeling. 

As we mentioned in our previous blog, The Top 5 Upgrades to Consider When Building a New Home, the kitchen can steal the lion’s share of a budget when adding upgrades or options to customize it. To better prepare you for your color selection or design meeting with our Sales & Design Consultants when building or remodeling your home, we have provided some ideas to keep in mind!

When sitting down to decide on the design or shape of your kitchen, there are major decisions that need to be made upfront. While thinking about your dream design, consider not only want you need/want but also what adds value to your home. 

1.) Countertops

Depending on your budget there are many countertop options! Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly, modern, non-porous, or durable countertop, it can all be added to your dream kitchen! Popular options include granite, quartz, Formica, and Corian.

2.) Cabinetry

The cabinets in your kitchen consist of a variety of components that can be modified as much, or as little, as you desire. From the wood species, to the door construction, to the finish color, you will have as much freedom as you need to personalize your new kitchen.

  • Doors – Full or partial overlay, glass doors, type of wood, the color of stain or paint.
  • Island – Consider picking a different complementary color for the cabinets. Also, think about adding specialty cabinets such as a trash can pull-out or wine rack.
  • Style – This can include staggered or non-staggered wall cabinets, light rail, crown moldings, or lighting accents. 
3.) Backsplash

A striking backdrop to your countertops is a backsplash that adds a touch of uniqueness, color, and value. A backsplash can be installed in a variety of patterns and creates an attractive, yet an easy-to-clean area that will protect the walls from stains and damage.

4.) Lighting

We have mentioned before that adding lighting or pre-wiring is a good decision to make before construction or remodeling has begun. In addition to the basic lighting, consider adding recessed lighting throughout the kitchen to brighten the workspaces and cooking area where you will read recipes while multi-tasking. Do not forget that undercabinet or above cabinet lighting adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. LED strip lights inside a corner cabinet with a glass door can be the home for a fun dish with lots of color to show off! 

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